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Established in June of 1994, Oklahoma Envelope is a privately owned, total solutions group dedicated to serving customers across the country.

We attribute the success of our organization to our people.

First, and foremost, SERVICE is our priority. Unlike many other suppliers, we manufacture our products in turn eliminating the middle man while adding to your bottom line, month after month.

We will warehouse your inventory which allows you to submit releases against your own stock, without having to store it in-house. Along with inventory management, we also offer fulfillment services. We can pick & pack, drop-ship, receive, ship, cross dock or whatever your unique needs may be.

In addition to manufacturing and shipping, we offer free local delivers, custom graphics and art work, next-day digital printing and more.

Business Supplies Design
Phone: 405.946-2169
Toll Free: 888.698.1822
Fax: 405.946.2429
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